Open House

The past two weekends, friends of ours have had a open house for their business. They are artists. They do stoneware pottery, raku, jewelry, etc. It’s amazing. I wish I was half as talented as they are. Check them out here. Since my medium is on the sugar side of things, they asked if I’d like […]

Holiday Hangover

Today will be the first of many holiday hangovers. You know the feeling. Tired, bloated, couldn’t-look-at-another-piece-of-pie-if-my-life depended-on-it feeling. Every year this happens and apparently we are all glutton for punishment because we do it to ourselves. I managed to eat just enough and not feel sick. I didn’t eat dessert until 7 at night. I […]

The Cupcake Thief

This is Bear. This is Bear and Lars. They are cupcake thieves. Though I suspect the majority of thievery was done by Bear. He is ALWAYS the instigator. If Bear looks full and satiated, he should. He ate half a dozen pumpkin spice cupcakes. I was baking another batch of these and had left them on our […]

Take a hike..

Literally. That’s what I did this weekend. I took a hike with my sister. We started the day early and drove to Devil’s Lake State Park by Baraboo. If you live in Wisconsin and you haven’t gone. Go. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect. Well, until the last half of our hike which seemed […]